Groundhogs Not Allowed!

 I see shadows. 

I see shadows. 

It's been an unusually cold and snowy winter, even by Montana standards. According to the National Weather Service, in January and December Missoula had 14 days with lows below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, with a seasonal snowfall total of 42.9 inches! Here in Arlee it's been colder and snowier, but they don't keep records for us. We are well below the average temperatures and above for snowfall this year and it's only February. Which reminds me, it's groundhog's day. And it's a bright, sunshiny, blue sky, glaring snow day. If that danged Phil has his way, we are in for even more wintery weather.


But, that doesn't mean nothing is happening on the farm. I've gotten my seeds ordered and made up trays of paper pots in anticipation of starting the seeds in the coming months. The new herb and flower bed is mapped out, as well as the planting schedule. In the barn, the ladies are getting rounder by the day. Lambing should begin in about a month.


You can still find me at the market. Saturday mornings until 1:00 pm at the Elk's Lodge in Missoula. There are still lots of produce, crafts and preserves to be had in the cold winter months and the Missoula Valley Winter Market has a dedicated bunch that show up every weekend to provide you with their goods. I've been setting up to sell my yarn, fiber and much needed lotions and balms. The air has been so dry I shock myself on everything lately. I'm all sold out of honey for the season, but hopefully next year there will be more to go around with 2 new colonies coming in April.

I am truly feeling the mid-winter stir crazies. I can't wait to get busy digging into the soil. So, here's to a lazy groundhog who couldn't be bothered to go outside today.