Happy 2015!

January is almost over. 1/12 of the way through the year.

I hope you are enjoying your winter hibernation. I certainly am. But it's time to get started looking toward summer and planning this year's CSA. 

The seed catalogs are all dog-eared and marked up. We have decided which veggies are keepers and which will be replaced. (Red celery: OUT! Golden celery: IN!)  I've drawn up a schematic of the garden and where everything will go; rotating the tomatoes with peas, the cucumbers with cabbage. 

We are trying to get a spot at the Clark Fork Market for distribution of shares and sale of our other goods like fiber and Blue Zen. It's still pending. Even if we don't get a spot we will find  another place for distribution downtown as it seems easier for our members to get their goods in town. 

I will be starting tomato and pepper plants in a couple of weeks. Some onions too. It will be good to get my hands dirty again. Cold weather crops like carrots and greens will get planted outside at the end of March.

Amazingly, there is still one kale plant and some spinach standing in the walipini. And most of my herbs are looking happy down there. The pineapple sage was a long shot and it lost the fight with the cold.

We still haven't figured out watering the walipini in the winter, but it seems we didn't have to. The seepage from the snow melt has been enough to keep everything green. Michael planted some lettuce as an experiment last October. It hasn't been watered since mid November. It is only an inch tall due to lack of light and freezing temperatures, but it is still there. We will have fresh lettuce in probably 30 days.

I am quite excited for a new growing season. Of course, that's nothing new. I'm a sucker for green gardens.  

If you would like to find out more about our CSA, this is our information page. Or email me at melanie@gardnerstinyfarm.com   The membership form is here. There are a limited number of spaces, so please contact us to check availability. 

Here's to fresh, local food!