What a week!

Hello everyone, Michael here. Mel asked me to stand-in this week to deliver a general update about wussup @ the Tiny Farm.

Pretty sure that our members know about the Tiny Cabin project. It began last Sunday with a laughably-aggressive schedule that there's no chance of achieving. That's OK, though. Its the journey, not the destination. Amirite? Holla.


So, the floor was installed, and three of the walls mostly framed (after having invested a load of energy and time into the original two walls that ended up as firewood at best, irrecoverable failures at worst. So it goes). That leaves us with the front wall, which will be the most technically complex, and the roof, which should be technically easy but a challenge to the nerves - I actively avoid testing gravitational theory.


That said, I anticipate a ribbon-cutting ceremony sometime near the end of September. YAY!

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that Mel received delivery of her new queen this week, and while she searched for the old in-bred queen to eliminate, there was no luck. If she's still in there, the in-bred and the genetically pure will engage in a fight-to-the-death. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

Tomatoes are looking quite plump, plentiful, and green and should be ready to start taste-testing next week. HALLELUJAH! 

 The berm, loaded with squash plants.

The berm, loaded with squash plants.

The squash seem to be adding another 6+ inches of vegetative growth overnight... it's magical. I think they conspire their growth spurts for when we're sleeping or running errands. Those puppies are doing really really well. I'll take this moment to apologize in advance for the unmanageable volume of squash the CSA members will receive, (we always overdo it) but maybe we can arrange to meet for a processing party at Mama's Pantry (a commercial kitchen next door to Joann's) where we can share our secrets of the perfect squash soup. Freeze it and enjoy whenever. SO DELICIOUS AND HEALTHY. Certain varieties you can expect to store for 6+ months with relatively little care. So don't feel too much pressure. 


Michael and Melanie