School's Out!

Thank goodness for summer vacation! I really need the extra hours away from the school bus route to keep up with things around the property. The feeling of never having enough time gets very wearisome after a while. Every year in June I get anxious for the extra time I'll have in the extra sunlight. I now have about 6 more hours in a day to putter around and try to keep up. I feel pumped! I have a list I will be checking off regularly, I hope. The list is long, but it doesn't seem as long now that I have extra time.

This year has seemed especially hectic. With all the things I do (farm, Blue Zen, canning, cooking, cleaning, Saturday Market, jobs, chauffeur, and art when there's time...), the extra time Michael has been having to devote to work, and the extra long, cold winter left me feeling like I'm forgetting something... like something has been left behind. It seems I've been doing more in a shorter period of time.

Besides the regular upkeep of farm and home things, there are some extra things on the list that I'd like to complete now that it is summertime. These include -but are not limited to- redesigning the Blue Zen Naturals labels for retail, creating a new pasture for the goats and redoing the fence on their pen, finishing the paths through the garden, never-ending rock picking, creating a garlic field, xeriscaping the front yard, expanding and reimagining the pond/flower garden, removing the old carpet in the bathroom (!!), renovating the backyard hangout space, and FINALLY getting rid of the pile of rubbish in the back that has been here since we moved in. Many of these things probably won't be completed this year, but if I get a good start on them I will feel accomplished.

The funny thing is, even though this is mostly really heavy work, I truly enjoy doing it . I think about all that it takes to complete these tasks, and I get excited. I get to be outside for most of the summer, I get to mold my home into my paradise, and the sense of accomplishment leaves me feeling content like nothing else. I'll keep chipping away at them until I wake up one morning and all I have to do is swing in the hammock. That may not happen until August of next year, but it will happen. In the meantime, I will get a little bit more sleep every morning and a nice tan until school is back in session.

I will update here as the projects come along. The summer is short so I had better get moving.