Just Seeds

I love spring planting. Placing seeds in the dirt and making up the paper pots for the peppers, tomatoes and such, I dream of the summer days walking through a jungle of foliage. At the moment though, the outside garden beds are full of barely sprouted plants, and as of today a bunch of seeds.

Yesterday was the "average last frost" date for our area. Which means it is usually safe now to plant out cold sensitive plants like tomatoes. I checked the forecast yesterday and everything SEEMS good. We will wait a week for the baby plants just to be safe (no need to duplicate last year's surprise hail storm fiasco!) and plant just seed right now. By the time they sprout the warm should be here to stay. 

This afternoon I got the zucchini, winter squash, melon and cucumber seeds in as well as some herbs and marigold seeds for insect repellent companions. 

We may have too many squash and melon varieties. There are 3 different colors of watermelon, a cantelope, 4 exotic melons I've never heard of, 2 kinds of butternut, 3 pumpkins, 2 kinds of buttercups, luffa, acorn, delicata, and 2 more exotic winter squash.  

For tomatoes, we have started black crim, red Siberian, mountain princess,  Berkeley pink tie dye, Oregon spring, blue berry, blue beauty, sun gold, speckled roman and black plum.

I think I'll be canning sauce and soup all summer and fall. Somebody please hide the catalogues from me next year! 

Looking at at the bare ground that will soon support the plants makes me very impatient for summer. Which is kind of crazy considering how long it took spring to get here.  I need patience, now!