CSA is a Go

2014 is our inaugural CSA year. It's a bit of a "beta test year". We are probably growing too much of something and not enough of something else. This is a year to learn and to grow. In order to not get too overwhelmed too quickly, we have limited the number of members to 5. At this point, we have had 4 people say they are signing up. I haven't even tried to promote very hard yet, so that seems like a win to me already.

I want to sincerely thank those who have decided to trust us to provide you with your local farm produce this season. It means a lot to Michael and I that you would want to come on this tasty journey with us. We will do our best to make sure it is worth your time and money.

So far, we are expecting in the May basket: baby spinach, arugula, and mesclun mix for greens; pink, red and french breakfast radishes; organic lentil sprouts; green onions; snap peas; and eggs. It doesn't seem like much yet, but we are just getting started. Spring in Montana takes so long to get here, but good things happen very quickly once it warms up. Plus, this is our first spring with a greenhouse and we are taking advantage right now. There are baby tomato, bell peppers and celery plants in there getting a head start on the growing season. Baby herbs are popping up too. 

I'm going to be collecting recipes for the vegetables we grow as well to help you get the most out of your food. I'll post them here and in email updates especially for members.