Crunch Time

It is getting down to the wire. 2 weeks till the beginning of the CSA season.


This is a learning and fine tuning year. I'm already learning things. Like I wish the walipini had been finished sooner so we could have planted sooner. I go down into our bunker everyday and cheer for our little green friends, but they are so slow to grow.

That's not to say they aren't growing! The walipini has been amazing. When it's stormy and cold outside and the flowers have yet to bloom, there is warmth and green down below. There are even dandelions blooming and grass with seedheads! (I really need to get rid of that grass) I'm amazed every time I go down there how much bigger everything is. The strawberry plants have buds, the radishes are beginning to bulge, the peas are reaching for the sky. But the race is on and I'm getting nervous. Are they growing fast enough?


Yes, there will be produce on the 10th of May. I think the bag might be lighter than I was hoping, though. Next year I will be planting the last week of Febuary, if not earlier, just to be sure I'm not freaking out 2 weeks ahead again. 

I am not worried about June on. Not one bit. Unless a tornado or other natural disaster happens there will be food coming out our ears soon.