I've Got Hives

No, not the skin rash kind, the buzzy bee kind.

We are adding a bee hive to the farm! It is something I had thought about for a while, but not very seriously as I really had no experience with beekeeping. But I saw a beekeeping class offered at the Lifelong Learning Center in Missoula and thought, "what the heck." The instructor, Sean Kotchel was great. After the first session I knew the farm needed bees.

An internet friend from Spokane offered me one of her hives and some equipment. She isn't able to keep bees in her current situation and thought to share the wealth of knowledge and supplies she had with us. We met up a few weeks ago and chatted over milkshakes in St Regis. She shared some tidbits of experience with her hives and her own tiny farm. I left with a carload of hives, coats, tools and good feelings. It was great to finally meet in person. Thank you, Jennifer!

The actual bees are on order and will be coming April 12th. I am truly excited for this new addition. Updates to come.