Nope, still winter.

I probably don't have to tell you it's been cold lately. If you live most anywhere in North America, you know.

Here in Missoula, we had fairly mild temperatures and very little precipitation for the entire month of January. When the mid west and east coast were talking Polar Vortex, I was unfazed. It wasn't here.

Oh, but February hadn't happened yet. Yes, the vortex was just late getting here, but it came. Yesterday's low on the thermometer was -19. With windchill it was around -35. And snow. We got about a foot of snow last week.

Our chicken coop isn't heated because we rarely get temperatures below 0 and we intentionally have hardy chicken breeds. But with those wind chills, it was too much for one of our roosters.


When I feed the goats in the mornings, it's still dark. Most mornings that isn't a problem. They would be up and calling for their food. The last few mornings, I had to go into the shed and plead with them to come out. Last night I bribed them with extra grain. They really don't want to bother getting up. It's just too cold.

It isn't *supposed* to get below 0 tonight, but the actual temperatures have been colder than the projected ones... so we will see. Maybe slightly less cold is on the horizon.

Bundle up out there, kiddos.