We raise a mixed breed flock of sheep and angora goats. The breeds of sheep we currently raise are coopworth, romney, targhee, colombia, merino, rambouillet and crosses of these.

Our fiber is sheared and sorted on the farm. We decide which fibers to combine to create the best blends for the nicest yarns. Most of the processing --from washing and carding to spinning-- is done by Fibers First Mill in Post Falls, Idaho, though some special fleeces are hand prepared and spun. The dyeing is all done at the farm. Much of the yarn is dyed with plants grown on the farm or foraged locally which provides rich earth tones, though some is acid dyed to get more brilliant colors. Some of the plants used to dye the fiber include: onions, hollyhocks, indigo, pine bark, lupine leaves, aspen leaves, black walnut husks, marigolds, coreopsis, yarrow, madder, alkanet root, stag horn sumac, rhubarb, sunflower seeds and hopi red dye amaranth.

Find yarn and roving at the Gardner's Farm Etsy shop or at the Clark Fork River Market in Downtown Missoula, MT on Saturday mornings in the summer.

If you prefer raw locks or fleece, email Melanie at melanie@gardnerstinyfarm.com